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🥜 Welcome to the Peanut Paradise Blend – where the peanut party never stops! 🌟

Introducing the holy trinity of all things peanut: Classic Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and the irresistible Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. This combo pack is not just a blend; it's a celebration of everything peanut, and we promise it's a peanut lover's dream come true!

  1. Classic Peanut Butter: 🥜 Dive into the pure, unadulterated essence of peanuts – it's the classic taste you know and love, your trusty peanut companion in its purest form.
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter: 🍫 Experience the fusion of rich, dark chocolate with the goodness of peanuts. It's a chocolatey twist that adds a layer of indulgence to your peanut paradise.
  3. Honey Roasted Peanut Butter: 🍯 Indulge in the sweetness of honey perfectly paired with the crunch of roasted peanuts. It's a flavour symphony that will have you reaching for more.

For the peanut enthusiasts out there, this blend is not just a protein-packed option; it's a flavour expedition! Moms, rejoice – your little ones will never tire of this healthy nutty trio. It's the snack that keeps on giving, ensuring your kids get their protein fix in the most delightful way possible.

The Peanut Paradise Blend isn't just about variety; it's about expanding your peanut options without ever feeling bored. It's the perfect solution for those who believe there's no such thing as too much peanut goodness.

So, if you're nuts about peanuts (pun intended), this blend is your passport to endless peanut possibilities. Embrace the peanut paradise – because when it comes to peanuts, more is always merrier! 🎉🥄🥜


Simply peanuts, dark chocolate and Himalayan salt


Bread, chapati, dosa, salad, crackers and fries


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